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sports nutrition - personal services

Aoife’s personal experience in athletics gives her a unique understanding of athletes, the pressures of training at a high level and an appreciation of the importance of an appropriate diet in assisting peak performance..

Appointments for individual athletes can be made by contacting Nutrition Solutions. The initial consultation usually takes up to one hour and a half. This consultation will focus mainly on peak performance, and how to eat the correct foods at the correct time so as to nourish your body and help you perform at your best.

From the time when the ancient Greeks and Romans started the Olympic Games, athletes had their own special regimen for great performance which included diet and nutrition. Nutritional advice for sportsmen and women is now a lot more technical, but the basic message still persists - those athletes who pay attention to what the eat will have 'the edge' over those who do not.

The goal of the sports nutrition programme at Nutrition Solutions is to empower athletes to make better choices and fuel peak performance. Players who improve their diet to suit their sporting needs have been shown to benefit from optimised performance in training and competition. Through accurate, evidence based advice you will be provided with the information you need to help you get the most from your diet. This in turn will allow you to train harder for longer, stay well, stay more focused and help in the prevention of overtraining and overuse injuries.

Your sports nutrition programme will:

Teach you how to become more nutritionally aware

Help you make better food choices for before during and after training

Help you develop a personalized eating plan

Help you develop a personalized hydration strategy


  • Sports Nutrition Programme will include:

  • Initial consultation (60mins)
  • Includes: Body measurements (height, weight, body mass index, waist circumference)
    • Comprehensive nutrition and dietetic assessment
    • Assessment of current dietary habits
    • Personalised dietary plan with portion sizes
    • Personalised hydration plan
    • Personalised weight loss/gain goals if required
  • Review session
    • Review of progress
    • Review meal plan, portions sizes
    • Review food diary
    • Goals for the Future


Appointments for individual athletes can be made by contacting Nutrition Solutions.

Cookery demonstration and recipes may also be provided as needed. Follow-up will be determined at your initial appointment.


Sports Nutrition Services