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Corporate services



Nutrition Solutions offers many services to the corporate sector. The benefits of a healthy workforce are well documented and presentations for various topics can be delivered depending on the company's need such as:



  • Weight management (weight loss or gain)
  • Healthy eating: getting the balance
  • Nutrition for a healthy heart
  • Nutrition and diabetes
  • Nutrition before, during and after cancer treatment: it's time to take control
  • Healthy lunch boxes: let's keep our children healthy and happy
  • Healthy eating for the family; how to get the balance right


In addition to presentations, nutrition services can be provided regarding healthy food
options in canteens. Menu analysis can also be provided. In addition to
presentations, a complete workplace nutrition programme can be provided.
This includes onsite dietetic consultations, menu analysis, seminars and

Menu Analysis

With the trend of obesity rising in Ireland and worldwide the thirst for knowledge with regards nutritional content of food is increasing. Providing menu analysis on your menu can aid customers to make an informed choice regarding the food they eat.

Nutrition Solutions menu analysis package is a highly specialised programme that will provide detailed analysis of nutritional content of your menu. A powerful nutritional analysis package, WISP, is utilised to provide a detailed and clear analysis of each menu item. Analysis will take into account both water and vitamin losses on cooking. Nutrient contents can be compared with Recommended Daily Amounts (RDA's), as laid down in EU Food Labeling Regulations. Also, lists of recipes that comply with specified ingredient or nutrient criteria can be printed out, e.g. gluten free, milk free, low fat, etc.


What is involved?


The dietitian will work along side your head chef to review recipes used and preparation methods. Once this is completed each menu will be analysed using WISP software. A comprehensive nutritional analysis of each dish on your menu will be provided in a clear and easy to read format. Areas that could be improved to meet certain guidelines will be discussed and details provided to chef.